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Fairytale update: Craftster Best of 2011!

A perfectly timed update to yesterday’s post: my fairytale papercutting has been chosen as one of Craftster’s best papercrafts of the last year. Very exciting, thanks Craftster!


Never too old for fairytales.

Back in the summer, I sat down and made a papercutting on the spur of the moment – the best kind of art! I drew and cut the dragon, castle, unicorn and wolf in about two hours, while watching a film, and then sat and looked at the bottom of the design for a ridiculous amount of time. I couldn’t work out what I needed to fill that space, and anything I tried just didn’t work.Finally, I realised exactly what that space was calling out for, and after a painstaking eternity cutting out letters I was finally satisfied.

The cutting fitted into a frame I had lying around already, and it sat in that on my mantelpiece for a week or so. Meanwhile, I had posted about it on Craftster, where it received a volume of complimentary messages that I hadn’t anticipated, and also a request for me to sell it to another member for her partner’s birthday. While I have made items to sell in the past, and intend to do so on a more regular basis in the future, it was flattering to be asked about this spur of the moment design! Which is how a tiny papercutting of mine has come to be hanging on a wall in LA, a lovely thought for me as I sit in wintry Yorkshire…