An unexpected absence…

Oh dear, oh dear…it’s been a long time. I’m not quite sure what happened, except that like everything else in life blogs become more difficult to return to the longer you leave them! I genuinely didn’t realise how long it had been since I last posted. In fact, my absence wasn’t for lack of anything to say; I’ve been working at various craft and cooking projects over the past few months, a good number of which I’ve been extremely satisfied with. I’ve even sold one of my papercut pieces – without really intending to, I might add, although I was extremely flattered and pleased to have been asked to sell.

I’ve clearly also missed blogging about the build-up to Christmas; as usual, I made a number of presents this year, including more chutneys as well as some sloe, hawthorne and rowan jelly, but was prevented from making more than I did by my ridiculous procrastination with one particular present, for my sister. Isn’t it frustrating how something that would usually come to you so easily turns into a gruelling slog as soon as you decide to make it for a specific reason?

Hopefully I’ll be able to catchup with some highlights of what I did up until the end of 2011, but overall I’m going to pretend that the unfortunate blip of the last couple (well, maybe more like ‘few’) months didn’t happen, and just keep writing. Although weirdly, according to the traffic report, I’ve actually been receiving a steady flow of visitors every day right through my little hiatus – more, in fact, than I had been receiving previously. Hmm… Well, a warm welcome to all my new readers, and I hope the presence of an actual author here doesn’t put you off!

Finally, a picture from warmer months, to keep you going in these grey and gloomy times. Happy New Year to all.


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