How does your garden grow?

For some reason I haven’t mentioned my garden on here so far. Possibly because throughout the winter it didn’t really deserve to be called one? Anyway, it’s time that I remedied the situation.

I have always loved gardens and plants, although I was fortunate enough for most of my life to take the fact that I always lived with a wonderfully established garden for granted. Then I went to university…strangely enough, halls of residence don’t usually come complete with your own little bit of green. I felt the lack of green space much more keenly once we’d moved into private flats, places that felt more like home than first-year halls…but had no outside space whatsoever. I was lucky enough to have a massive south-facing windowsill one year, which allowed me to grow tomatoes and basil, but it’s not the same. It was obvious, then, that once we had moved out of the city and into a house (with stairs!) that a garden would be high on our list of essential criteria. It didn’t have to be huge, but there had to be some outside space where we could sit in the fresh air and grow a few plants.

We ended up with…well, it’s not perfect, but it’s a one hundred percent improvement on nothing. The soil is appallingly poor – there used to be a railway line to a colliery running through the end of it, and so the ‘soil’ is made up of clinker, coal, bits of rock, lumps of metal…all topped off with a centimetre or two of dusty earth. I’m not exaggerating. Plus, the winter gales tore down the fences on either side and one still hasn’t been replaced, so it’s hardly a haven of private tranquillity. But – with the help of a couple of raised beds, an inordinate amount of compost and manure, and a good helping of determination – stuff is growing!

Some of the vegetables are just starting to get big enough to eat…like this tricolour radish!

(The cucumber and tomatoes weren’t from our garden…but they will be in the not-too-distant future!)

New potatoes, out of the soil and into the saucepan within 5 minutes (I counted). So, so good…


One response to “How does your garden grow?

  1. Lack of green space kills me too. The window ledges in my apartment aren’t even really wide enough to grow things on, but I’ve been leaving my window open to fit my one sunflower, ha ha. Good luck with your raised beds!

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