A Doctor-less zone, as promised.

I’ve made a few ‘papercut’ cards recently but I haven’t had a chance to take photos of most, due to an unfortunate tendency to start them at the last minute. I have however developed a new favourite technique, which I think looks really effective and ensures more than ever that no two of my cards are ever the same!

As I said, I’ve not had the chance to take pics of most of these cards, but I do have one! I made this for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

It’s my usual technique of cutting my own design into card, but the backing is taken from a page of a food magazine – in this case I believe it was a cheesy pasta bake! For another couple of cards (both with tree designs) I used a picture of a delicious-looking salad, which gave the cards a lovely fresh, spring-y appearance. It’s funny but the design and the backing photo have to suit each other – I tried this flower design against a few pages that looked like they would go really well, but it was only this one (that didn’t look so good in the magazine) that stuck.

I love the way these cards look and I like the fact that I can actually use the magazines that I have collected. It also seems fitting that I combine my love of food and cooking with my enjoyment of cutting designs into card. It’s definitely a technique I’ll continue to play with.


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