Doctor Who take 3…

Because good things come in threes, don’t they?! I promise, there  will be a different topic for my next post. And unless you are actually a fan of Doctor Who, this one doesn’t necessarily have to be relevant…

A little progress shot…can you tell what it is?

There’s an episode from the heyday of David Tennant’s reign as the Doctor in which he waltzes into a precarious situation (not mentioning too many details in case of spoilers!) and utters the now famous (in certain circles) line: ‘always take a banana to a party.’ Obviously the diehard Who-fan must follow all such  instructions to the letter, so I made things easier for my partner by creating a non-perishable version.

Yes, that’s right – a 3-inch long needlefelted banana, perfect for all unexpected party situations.

The card is decorated with a Time Lord-ish design (inspired by this design from a certain fob watch) which took longer than it might appear.

And that is the end of my Doctor Who craft adventure. Until the next time…


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