Doctor Who adventures in Fimo…

Yes, it’s another Doctor Who post. That’s a good thing, I promise! Yesterday, I showed a slightly indecipherable photo of the entire loot I sent to my partner in a Craftster swap, so I thought I’d show some of that loot in a bit more detail.

I thought it would be fun to have a play around with Fimo modelling clay. I have used this before, but I was about 8, so I’m not sure that counts as previous experience! For what I wanted at least however Fimo is not the most challenging of materials, and it didn’t take long to create the items below. It was fun though!

I only bought two colours – TARDIS blue and shimmery pearl – so I would be a tad restricted in making much else, but for a Doctor Who theme they worked well!

These earrings are fairly subtle in terms of how ‘Doctor-ish’ they are – I thought it would be nice for my partner to wear them without having to have TARDISes or sonic screwdrivers hanging from her ears! So they’re Doctor Who colours, and the swirly circles represent the time vortex (yes, I’m aware of how this sounds – if you watch, you’ll understand, if not then you probably don’t care!) I was pleased with how these turned out and would probably make some more in the future – if you feel like adding a touch of TARDIS glamour to your life, let me know!

While I was modelling, I had to make a TARDIS – the colours were perfect after all. I also made a replica of an invitation card that featured in the very first episode of the current series, that my partner can wear as a charm or necklace if she wishes. I added a 10p piece for comparison purposes – these were both pretty small!

Again, I liked this TARDIS and was sad to see it go…I hear it is happy in its new home though.


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