The Doctor is worth the monsters…

So, once again I have been absent from this blog for an embarrassing length of time. I’m really going to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Since I last posted I have been busy crafting, I just haven’t been able to post about it! I have made a few birthday cards that have been so last minute that I haven’t had time to take photos before running to the postbox…which is a shame, as I have been really pleased with how they have turned out! I have also been hard at work on another parcel for a Craftster swap…this time, the theme was Doctor Who. The perfect excuse for embracing my geeky side…

My partner has now received so I can finally post pictures. First up, a t-shirt inspired by one of her favourite quotes…from the David Tennant era!This is the front and back…unfortunately I haven’t any photos of the tshirt as a whole, but you get the gist! The quote took up most of the back of the shirt, and is actually written in sparkly silver paint, but that didn’t come out too well in my phone’s camera. The TARDIS is hand-drawn (inspired by a stencil) in a 3D metallic blue paint.

The second t-shirt featured one of the ‘prettiest’ monsters from the series – certainly more attractive than the Ood! The clockwork robots are actually pretty scary (ie they chop bits off people and use them to fix their spaceship) but the quote explains why I chose a monster I hope.

The robot was hand-drawn using fabric markers on a piece of cotton, which I then appliqued onto the tshirt. I actually designed the face to look best from a distance – in ‘real life’ the face takes on quite a menacing air from a foot or so away, so hopefully my swap partner will see a few startled faces when she wears this top.

Finally, a snapshot of both t-shirts together with the other things I sent…a little teaser shot. I’ll be back tomorrow to show those in a little more detail, but until then remember – the Doctor is worth the monsters!


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