Needle-felted flower card

I’ve actually been doing a fair bit of needlefelting over the past couple of weeks, mainly 3D – I’ll post some pics soon! This is the only flat picture I’ve made. It’s very simple I know, but that was intentional. It’s only about 2.5 inches tall so pretty small, and I wanted something that wasn’t too fussy. It’s a birthday card for a grandparent who always makes handmade cards for other people, and I’ve had some lovely cards from her so I know she’ll appreciate this – it’s a sad but true fact that some people don’t care if their card is from a supermarket or handmade with love!


2 responses to “Needle-felted flower card

  1. Cute little card! I have been interested in doing some needlefelting but haven’t had the time to for it. There are lots of cute little projects I see for this – especially the little animals you can make.

  2. Thanks! I’d been wanting to try it out for a while but only recently got the supplies. I’ve not done very much but it’s really fun, I’d recommend it!

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