FREE Graze snack box – a review and free code!

Note: I have not been paid by Graze to review this product!

Someone offered me a free box from Graze the other day – free food? Who’s going to say no?! The idea of Graze boxes is that they contain healthy, nutritious and tasty snacks to keep you going without resorting to biscuits and chocolate! You can choose from a range of ‘themes’ so if you want an especially healthy box tailored towards a particular diet you can get it. I on the other hand ordered the ‘nibble’ box; it seemed the easiest way to get a good selection.

So, what did I get? Top left: Orange and ginger flapjacks – orange isn’t usually my favourite flavour but these taste pretty good, and they’re definitely moreish!

Top right: ‘Lemon meringue pie’ aka lemon-infused raisins, yoghurt-coated peanuts and mini meringues. It’s an interesting mix and one that I would probably prefer if I liked raisins or peanuts! Even allowing for that I’m halfway through already…

Bottom left: Sweet Goan Curry Crackers – my favourite of the selection. And all gone! They’re little rice cakes with a sweet but spicy curry flavour, and ever-so-slightly addictive. I had intended to save some for T but somehow that didn’t work. I’d definitely have them again.

Bottom right: Chanachur panch phoron – cashew nuts, goji berries, green sultanas and chilli-and-lemon chickpea noodles, according to the description. It’s a nice mix and I like the berries in there, while the noodles are really tasty. My only comment would be that after I’d been picking at this container for a while I started to get a bitter taste – not sure if that was the phoron or if it was just a bitter berry or something like that! Overall I wouldn’t mind having it again.

So, the overall verdict? I liked the ‘special occasion’ of getting mystery snacks through the letterbox, even more so as it was free! I thought it was an interesting and generally good mix, and the bits I was less keen on I can just make a note of on the site and I won’t receive them again – so it really isn’t a problem. I also like that all the packaging is recycled/recyclable. The website is ridiculously easy to use and there’s no catch with the offer I used: it’s one box free, the next – if I want it – half price (about £1.30) and after that they’re about £3.50 each. You can cancel any time without the usual palaver of explaining why you want to cancel etc etc, and you can get the box delivered to anywhere – I think the idea is you get it delivered straight to your office. As I work from home at the moment I doubt I’ll make it a permanent thing, but if I worked elsewhere I might consider it.

If you fancy giving it a try you can use this code to get the same offer as I used – one box completely free! And really, you might as well because it’s not often you actually get treats free in the post! Go to the Graze site and use the code 624X7RTM (or click here) and see what you get.


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