Meet Betsy! (AKA needlefelting for beginners)

Once again, it has been a while… I’ve been fairly busy with various things so haven’t had a great deal of time for either crafting or cooking. Yesterday, however, something happened that has forced me back into crafting/blogging mode!

For Christmas I asked for, and received, a book on needlefelting (if you’re interested, it’s this one). Sadly I couldn’t afford to go any further at that point, so needle felting remained an unexplored ambition. Last week however I finally managed to order some supplies. Unfortunately there was a slight delay in my order – my dejection was clearly too much for my husband to bear as he secretly ordered me a basic kit on fast delivery!

I played around with the wool and needles last night and this little lady was the result. Clearly not perfect (although the eyes aren’t so scary in real life!) but I think she’s not bad considering I have never touched a needle before! Excuse me, I have to go and play some more…


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