Second time lucky?

Not that the first time was so bad, but I’d thought I’d give the Chinese-style steamed bread another go, this time with some special flour from the Chinese supermarket. I followed the instructions on the packet rather than the recipe I used last time, but I think I’ll try again with the new flour and the old recipe to see which works best!

These buns have a slightly different texture to the last lot, they’re not quite so light although they are still fluffy. The flour was a lot finer, it felt more like icing sugar than flour, but I think the dough really needed to be somewhere slightly warmer than our kitchen…It rose, but the instructions seemed to think that ‘room temperature’ was 28C (if only!) which it decidedly was not. Anyway, they still tasted good, and this time the filling stayed in the middle like it was supposed to, which is a lot more aesthetically pleasing!

I did add a little decoration this time… Not quite so perfect as my inspiration for this little piggy but still cute. And the red food dye used to colour the dough does come off your fingers…eventually.


2 responses to “Second time lucky?

  1. Hi there, wishing you a ‘gong xi fat chai’! 恭喜恭喜!Ohh wow, what a nice try! Don’t worry, it looks fine to me. Actually, I’m finding it’s quite difficult for the ear part. Not knowing what’s the perfect thickness for it. Hopefully, I’ll have more time for another batch. Btw, thanks for the link. That’s very sweet of you. Thanks again for sharing. Hope you’re having a great day.
    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks! I think I made the ears too thick, they looked fine until I left the rolls to rise again before I steamed them and they just fell out of shape. Never mind, they did taste good!
    Have a good day,

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