What to do with the local council magazine

As the title says really. You know those terrible magazines that the local council produces and posts through your letterbox on a regular basis? The ones that try to show how the details of new bin routes and the latest public spending cuts are making life better for YOU? They’re usually printed on cheap shiny paper that rips when you turn the pages and leaves ink all over your fingers if you happen to have done anything risky like put handcream on. Ah yes, you know the ones.

Usually they go straight into the recycling, but this week I thought I could probably improve on that with a little effort. I have some coasters and placemats made out of coiled up newspapers, an anniversary present from a couple of years ago, and I have thought a few times that I could have a go at a similar sort of thing. So, I ripped up said magazine, did a little bit of folding and cutting, and started coiling…

A definite improvement I think.


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