Pandan Rice Cake

Following on the Chinese theme, we went to a new Chinese supermarket in Leeds on Thursday. About a tenth of the size of the one in Glasgow but just as much fun (although most of the staff actually spoke English which was an improvement). We got three bags full of shopping, of which a good proportion was unusual things we wanted to try. I always like to try the sweets/cakes, although I’m not a fan of red bean curd so that eliminates a lot of the choice! This time I took a chance on these ‘Pandan Rice Cakes’ – soft, gelatinous disks covered in powdery flour, with a deeper green centre, although it was the same consistency all the way through. I got quite a taste for these little cakes, so much that unfortunately the packet is now empty…there were only a few in there really. It’s hard to describe the taste – if you’ve ever had pandan you’ll probably know, but all I can say is that it was almost savoury, a herby, grassy taste with just a tiny aftertaste of mint. Weird, but not unpleasant.

The thing is that I have tried searching for these on the internet, I thought I could find a recipe or something…but I can find NOTHING. Every variation of pandan rice cake, pandan gelatinous rice cake, pandan rice flour cake and so on…lots of intriguing looking desserts, but nothing remotely like what I had. I’ll have to work on the Chinese characters and see if that helps…I do recognise most of them but the individual meanings don’t help me! If anyone recognises them I’d love to know if there’s another name for them.

Doesn’t look much I know, but I’ll be going back soon to stock up on more!


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