Foodie discovery

Seeing as Christmas has finally been and gone, and I can’t begin any more real crafting until finances permit (when I intend to focus on getting to grips with needle felting) this blog will focus on my culinary rather than material crafting for a while. So far this year my cooking efforts have consisted of two basic ‘chuck it in the pan’ style meals, mainly because we had the luxury of being cooked for during our two week holiday and I have yet to get back into the swing of things!

However, yesterday I came across a blog that has prompted a desire for food that is entirely inappropriate so soon after the festive feasting. Beguiling photos, beautiful food, great writing and the winner for me – it’s all about France! Well, Paris anyway – which to be honest I have never thought of as France, but the food is certainly French, therefore very good! I’ve been completely beguiled by this blog as well as inspired to do what I can with the best of Yorkshire’s winter food (not quite the same, I know) so hopefully I’ll soon be posting about my culinary creations. In the meantime, visit Croque-Camille and see what I mean…

This week’s veg box – hardly a Parisian market but we’ll make do.


One response to “Foodie discovery

  1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words!

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