Snow, more snow and last-minute Christmas!

Well, it’s been a while – sorry about that, things have been a bit busy! We successfully relocated down to South Wales for Christmas, and the day after we arrived so did the snow – with a vengeance! We were snowed in for a couple of days, which was actually quite fun and provided the opportunity for plenty of Christmas excess and beautiful scenery. But not many opportunities for blog updates! So here’s a few pics of my last few days…

As you can see, we went for a walk up onto the hill behind the house in late afternoon, which was absolutely freezing cold, but the sunset was incredible! And  on a final crafty note, I finally finished the cushion I started so long ago – it was the first present that I started and the last to be finished, oh well! Postscript: I wasn’t entirely happy with the finished cushion, but when she opened it on Christmas Day my niece literally jumped up and down hugging it, and told me how much she loved it. So a good result!


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