Chocolate slabs and the Christmas rush!

Over the past two days I’ve been making one of the final parts of my Christmas presents – chocolate slabs. Basically, I bought high-quality chocolate, melted it, poured it into moulds and decorated it with dried fruit, nuts and sweets – simple but effective and a nice final touch. Due to the ongoing camera problems the pics really aren’t going to show these in their best light, but in reality they look much better, trust me! I’m really in a rush now because we’re going down to stay with my parents tomorrow and need to finish a million things as well as pack! We weren’t supposed to go until Saturday but with the weather forecast we don’t want to risk getting stranded for Christmas, so we’re going early. Hence the rush! I probably won’t be updating as regularly over the next few days but hopefully I’ll find a few spare moments. And now, back to packing!


One response to “Chocolate slabs and the Christmas rush!

  1. Thanks for listing my blog! Your work is fantastic. I’ll be back to take a longer look.

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