Presenting…My first felt dragon!

The last time I posted I mentioned that I was beginning work on a new project – a Christmas present for my nephew. Well, I had a few teething problems, but overall the whole thing wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and bearing in mind that I haven’t attempted anything like this before I’m really happy with the result! And here it is.

The whole dragon is made to my own pattern, essentially the way I’ve been drawing dragons for years (a stylised version of this did crop up in a papercut of a few weeks ago, here). It also bears some resemblance in the way I constructed it to the bird decorations that I make: after all, why change a design that works for you?

The dragon is about 18cm from nose to tail so not huge, I didn’t want to freak my nephew out by presenting him with a giant stuffed toy, but I think this is small enough for him to think of as an ornament/model instead! Along with a big slab of chocolate I think it will go down well. Fingers crossed!


One response to “Presenting…My first felt dragon!

  1. meraviglioso! excellent! good.

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