Ssh…secret present!

It’s very hard to make your husband’s Christmas present when he keeps wandering in unannounced! Fortunately I’ve not been doing anything that is difficult to hide. This is what I’ve been doing this afternoon:

The lighting is terrible I know, but it’ll do! For anyone who’s not sure, this design refers to Battlestar Galactica, an epic and brilliant sci-fi show that my husband and I both love. For me, it’s more about the brilliant writing, the amazing plot that focusses on moral and social dilemmas, and the fantastic acting: for him, it’s as much about the spaceships. Which is why I chose to include a Viper (fighter ‘plane’) along with the BSG logo, a decision that I wasn’t convinced with when I was first struggling to draw the stupid thing….but now I’ve finished, I actually think it came out really well! Here’s a pic of the ‘real thing’ for comparison:

I’m not sure I’ll keep the background but I found a scrap of material printed with stars that I didn’t even know I had, thought it might work as space! I might change it to something a little more subtle yet though.

So this is one part of my husband’s Christmas present: he’s incredibly difficult to get presents for but I think he’ll like this one.


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