Busy in the kitchen

Well, I feel I’ve been very productive today. I made another batch of the butternut squash chutney (I was intimidated by the quantities in the recipe the first time so quartered it, but having discovered that would only make two jars I made another half-batch.) Please ignore the bad lighting and background!

I also began trials on biscotti recipes. I want to make these for Christmas presents, but also need them to last a few weeks, so a lot of the modern biscotti recipes are out because they include butter or oil. Traditional hard biscotti only contain eggs so last much longer. Again, the pic is a bit uninspiring but they look (and taste!) much better in real life:

These are cranberry and almond biscotti, and I plan to half-dip them in dark chocolate tomorrow, mm… Then I’ll be testing them (of course) but also leaving a few sealed up in a tin to see how they’re faring in a few weeks’ time. If they last well, I’ll use this recipe at Christmas – and I’ll be testing a few others in the meantime. See, a proper science experiment! Knew that chemistry would come in handy sooner or later.

And finally, a bowl of vodka-laced elderberries. I strained these from the vodka they’ve been soaking in for around ten weeks, and added sugar to the infused alcohol – when it dissolves, we should have elderberry liqueur. And tomorrow I intend to add these soaked elderberries to some more innocent ones from the freezer, and boil up some elderberry cordial. Wish me luck!


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