Papercuts and emergency supplies…

I made these two papercuts last night: they’re both versions of the partridge in the pear tree (pears are actually quite difficult shapes to cut!) but I don’t think I’ll be making a series of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I did optimistically think about it for a minute or two, and then realised that I would in all likelihood get a bit fed up with the lords a’leaping and maids a’dancing.

I also found these lying on the floor under the radiator (probably shouldn’t admit that…). I did these a couple of weeks ago, didn’t get as far as backing them, and apparently abandoned them. I quite like the ‘Christmas’ one, and would have liked the curly tree if I hadn’t messed up at the top – this is what happens when you do these things while watching Eastenders!

Right, now I have to go and find my Arctic wear…we got home from Glasgow planning to do a big Tesco order (we don’t have a car) and stock up with everything we’d need if we had bad weather, as well as with all the stuff I need to start making Christmas presents. Er…now Tesco aren’t delivering because of the snow, our veg delivery couldn’t get through, and we have no food – well, except for a huge sack of rice, lots of herbs and spices and a few random odds and ends… So we have to attempt a trip down a big hill to the supermarket and hope a taxi will be able to get close enough to our house to allow us to get enough food!


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