“…Deep and crisp and even…”

Well I’m home – and judging by the weather today, just in the nick of time. I was getting worried that we were going to end up getting stuck on a train in the middle of nowhere, especially when we realised that we had unintentionally booked to come home from Glasgow via the Carlisle-Settle line: the route is renowned for spectacular scenery but it is pretty remote and the snow was getting deeper! Fortunately, there were only a few flurries over the hills and so we were privileged with some incredible views of the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales blanketed in crisp white snow. All accompanied by a temporarily-fascinating-if-unsought insight into the lives of (I’ll be polite) railway enthusiasts: the five minute conversation about the class of the timber haulage train in front of us in relation to the coal haulage train in front of that was particularly enlightening.¬† Anyway, here’s a few pics of our journey:

The shadow of the Ribblesdale viaduct

I took dozens of pictures but a lot of them have the reflection of the train lights in – it’s difficult to frame a good photo from a moving train but I was so glad I had my camera with me (not a common event.) When we got in last night there was perhaps 3 inches of snow outside our house. As I write this it has been snowing all morning and there is now 8-9 inches – for a girl brought up by the seaside where it was rare to see a couple of inches last for more than an hour, this is impressive!


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