Christmas Craft Friday (on Tuesday for one week only!)

I recently joined the Craft Forum (, just in time to be part of an exciting new arrangement hereby known as Christmas Craft Friday! Due to a few crossed wires I’m a little slow in getting myself organised, but the plan is a good one: a select group of crafters extraordinaire will spend the next few weeks promoting each others’ work in the hope of drawing some extra attention to the incredible range of crafts out there, just in time for Christmas!

So, without any further ado, let me introduce this week’s featured crafters. First up, Kryshees: “Bringing you handmade, unique adornments for your littlies and you!”

And look at this incredible creation! The sit-on Elliefant is knee-high, made from gorgeous blue-striped deckchair material and would be the perfect gift for children young or old – let’s face it, he’s going to look good wherever he goes.

And don’t worry if there’s no room in your home for Mr. Elliefant – Kryshees has loads more in her shop. Check her out at or /#!/Kryshees.

And next up, Bodrighy Wood. In his own words: “With Christmas coming and those really awkward relatives to buy for maybe something on my site at would help. Wide range of prices and items, all hand made, most from local woods. Crafty things, arty things or downright practical things. You can also follow my mental meanderings at if you are feeling particularly kind hearted.” Don’t pay attention to the self-deprecating tone: Bodrighy Wood has some truly incredible things in his shop, and his particular craft is pretty unusual. I’m in love with a stunning goblet that perfectly suits my love of fantasy creatures:

I’m in awe, it’s beautiful. (Click on the image to read about the chalice.)

So there we are: the first round of Christmas Craft Friday, and two equally talented crafters who couldn’t be more different! Come back on Friday to see who else will be joining this hall of fame…


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