New supplies to play with!

I posted a few days ago about an order I’d placed from Habbyworld ( I received my order the other day but forgot to post an update – basically, I’m really happy with everything, and I’d definitely recommend the site! Here’s a couple of pics of a few of the things I ordered:

The silver ribbon is actually a couple of mm narrower than what I ordered because they had sold out, but they gave me an extra two metres free of this one and I really don’t mind about the width, so I can’t complain. I love the little silver flowers, and the Scottie dog- I bought just one of these as a friend of mine is obsessed by Scotties and I have it in mind to use this on something for her – not sure what yet but I’ll let you know!


One response to “New supplies to play with!

  1. Thank you for shopping with habbyworld sewing supplies. I just come across this image searching google. I am glad you are happy enough that you shared your purchase with photos and a link.

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