Felt ‘Bauble’

I’ve been feeling a bit ill and sorry for myself over the past two or three days, but earlier (after I’d cocooned myself in a duvet with a hot water bottle) I felt sufficiently improved to attempt to make something that wasn’t too taxing. A few years ago I saw some lovely Christmas decorations that were a bit like those paper ‘globe’ decorations you often see, and thought I could make something that resembled them. Currently I only have felt rather than pretty fabric, but I think it could look good with a bit of tweaking – the quality isn’t as high as I usually aim for, think my concentration was lacking!) I think next time I’ll make it smaller, this one is about 10cm high but I prefer things to look a bit more delicate. Please excuse the dodgy lighting in these photos, there’s a combination of my camera playing up and the soft lighting in my living room!


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