Sparkly stockings and autumn cleaning

Well, I made another decoration to add to the tree and the gingerbread man: this trio is now on sale in my shop if anyone is interested in giving them a home. They’re small enough to look lovely hanging amongst the branches of the tree (although I’m hoping no-one has one up yet – the wall of crackers in Tesco is bad enough!)

I love this stocking – the colour, the jewel-like sequins, the way it sparkles wherever I hang it – maybe I should make a full size one? It would look so beautiful hanging alongside a fireplace… Hm, I’ll investigate my stocks of purple felt!

There’s not much time for crafting today (well, that’s the theory.) Three of my friends are coming over tomorrow, we’ve not been together as a group for about 2 years which is outrageous and I’m sooo excited! Particularly as this gathering purports to be my hen party – in fact, I got married two and a half years ago, but hey, I don’t mind! Anyway, the point is that my house looks like a bomb has hit it, so whilst I know that no-one will care if the house is pristine it would be nice if they could see the floor. I’ve already made a start on picking up all the tiny threads and shards of paper that have embedded themselves into the living room carpet (oh for a craft room with a hard floor!) but it’s tough! I’ll leave with a picture of the beautiful flowers currently gracing the chest in front of the window – take my word for it that they smell amazing!


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